Stash your spare change in SA’s biggest companies

Get an investment in just 49 seconds.
Stash every day, on sunny days and with every step you take.

No forms. No fees. No tax.

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*supports stashing when you spend

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Stash on sunny days

Every day, Stash checks the weather in your area.
If it's sunny you stash spare change.
If it's un-sunny, you don't.

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Stash 5c per drop of sweat

1 drop for every

20 calories
20 seconds
100 metres
100 steps

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Boost your Stash

Add up to R1 000 to your Stash at the end of each month

Tax Free

Give your friend R10 on us

Owe a friend for last night’s takeaways?
Pay them by referring them to Stash.

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Cash out whenever

Your Stash is yours to do what you want with it. No complicated cash out rules or delays.

Tax Free

Don’t pay any tax

You can put up to R33,000 a year, up to R500,000 over your lifetime, into tax-free investments.

We take security seriously

Which is why your Stash is protected with 128-bit bank-level security. Your Stash is protected with your PIN too.

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